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We're known for our creative talent when it comes to providing birthday cakes, wedding cakes, bridal shower cakes, baby shower cakes, or a custom cake for any occasion. We'll work with you to create any cake you have in mind! We have several books you can look through in our store, as well as many photos here on our website to give you ideas. Or, feel free to bring in your own picture or idea!

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Finsl Yia Yia's Logo (9).png

Wedding Cakes


Childrens Cakes


Baby Shower Cakes


Adult Cakes


Bridal Shower Cakes

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Other Specialty Cakes


***Wedding cakes are an exception to these policies and have regulations of their own. Please see wedding cake page for more information***​

  • To guarantee your cake expectations are met, we require specialty cake orders to be placed in person.

  • It is NEVER too early to come in and place your order!

  • Cake orders are taken in store Monday-Thursday 8:00AM-6:30PM, Friday-Saturday 8:00AM-7:30PM, and Sunday 8 AM to 5:30PM. There is no appointment necessary.

  • We do not take any cake orders the day before and the day of a holiday to better assist our in-store pick ups.

  • Cake orders must be placed two-three weeks in advance, which is subject to change based on the amount of orders placed prior. Please keep this in mind when we are in prime wedding season (MAY-JUNE & SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER)

  • A 50% deposit is due when cake orders are submitted.

  • Some custom cakes will not have a lid, depending on size and shape.

For cake inquiries ONLY, please contact us at Please provide the date your cake would be needed for and the amount of people you wish to feed, so we can better assist you. 

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